Just imagine...

Imagine getting the same opportunities as your male peers. Being recognised as credible rather than having to prove your worth. Going from feeling like an imposter and excluded, to feeling like an insider. Imagine that instead of feeling wrong, you start to realise you belong. Leading from your knowing and inner strength, not just following what you think you should do.

Imagine sitting down at your desk with a feeling of excitement for what you’re going to get done today.  Leading projects that run smoothly where everyone’s on board and behind your vision. Getting the pay rises, promotions, and clients you KNOW you deserve - without having to work harder and for longer than everyone else in the room. Tapping into an endless supply of confidence, and being seen for the powerhouse that you are. 

Imagine being crystal clear on what you want and how to get it.

The Source is for women in cybersecurity & businesses who value them

At The Source we create communities for women and businesses, that are positive, accessible, and valuable. It’s where women are empowered to build their networks, grow their skills, and access essential resources. At The Source we're about working smarter not harder, and being you in the workplace.


At The Source...


We learn, share & contribute

Most women live their lives under the doctrine that knowledge is power but that's not actually totally true. Knowledge is handy when itsused responsibly but tue power doesn't come from what you you know. It also comes from who you and who knows you.

As a member of The Source, you’ll be able to maximise this concept and more. By gaining access to our trusted sources – women from cyber and outside of it, you’ll be able to lean in, to be guided, and to connect with relevant key players within our communities. And, unsurprisingly, your effectiveness, energy and business prowess will effortlessly increase.


We support & keep you accountable

The biggest breakthroughs come when knowledge is combined with connection and support. And that’s what The Source is all about. We have mentor matching, an accountability buddy system, facilitated networking events and a range of communities to support you at each stage of your journey.

By being part of a global community of women in cyber means you get to share the highs and lows and rise together with wisdom, camaraderie and efficiency. You get to find and ignite your dream, learn new ways of being that feel more like you, be in a better place of service and to enjoy more flow.


We empower & inspire

Success leaves clues and that's why we'll be interviewing women about their unique journeys in cyber. That way you'll be able to get a dose of inspiration from reading or listening to their stories on our podcast (or others), or get featured yourself.


We connect & equip you with resources

We partner with women's groups and training companies from around the world so no matter where you are, you'll have access to them all. We also collate useful information which will save you so much time. The Source is your woman in cyber playbook. It's the place you go to first to find answers to your problems.

We partner with employers who value women. You'll have access to them and be able to source jobs that interest you and are available. We offer more than a job board. We put you in touch with hiring managers and ensure trusted relationships are built.


We align & give back

At The Source, we align to the UN Sustainability Goals 5, 10 and 16, and have a women’s foundation for scholarships. We operate with a give to gain philosophy, and from a place of plenty. We believe that we are blessed, we have more than enough, and we are better together.

The Source is not just another women in cyber group...

It's a sacred place for women in cyber to come together globally to learn, connect and exceed. At The Source we create communities for women and businesses, that are positive, accessible, and valuable. It’s where women are empowered to build their networks, grow their skills, and access essential resources. We provide a safe, positive, and supportive environment so women can take control of their careers. That’s why, at The Source, we always say, “be you in the workplace.” It’s one of our mantras.

The Source is therefore about doing things differently. We’re not about replicating male environments by being like an old boy’s club. We’re not about blame or shame. We just want better business, and that’s why we are more about union, progression, evolution and working smarter not harder. 

Please get on our WAITLIST so you can join other women like you to shape a future which celebrates women and makes them standard in security not exception.

A note from our Founder, Jane...

 I believe the world will only be safer, happier and more prosperous when there are more women in male dominated industries, like cybersecurity. I also believe in you being able to be you in the workplace.

After years of research, I've created The Source platform because I believe if women in security and businesses who value them are to thrive, then they need to come together in a safe space to learn, network and support one another. As our doors to new members have just shut, hit the 'JOIN THE WAITLIST' button below and you'll be the first to know exactly when we're opening our doors again and taking on new members.