3 Secrets to Gaining Recognition and Supercharging Your Career in 2023 (even if you’re in a male-dominated industry)

Hosted by Jane Frankland

In This Masterclass



The super-powerful personal branding principle that I've personally used to position myself as an authority in my field - without working harder or shouting louder


The #1 mistake so many women make that is keeping them underpaid, undervalued, not recognised and dissatisfied in their work and career


How to quickly and painlessly stand out from your peers or competitors and have stakeholders begging for your input and expertise


About Jane Frankland

Jane Frankland is an award-winning leader, best-selling author, speaker and women's activist. Having spent over two decades in cybersecurity, her authority is recognised by Wikipedia, LinkedIn (as a Top Voices), and UNESCO. Jane built her own global hacking firm in the late 90s, has contributed to leading industry accreditations, schemes and forums, and later served as a Managing Director at Accenture. She is a popular keynote speaker, university guest lecturer, awards judge and regularly shares her expertise in iconic world media, including the top broadsheets. She's known for spotting trends, bringing teams together for mutual wins and uncovering root problems with their remedies fast. She believes the world will only become safer, happier and more prosperous with more women in male dominated industries and it’s why she authored her first book, IN Security, leads the IN Security Movement, and has become a world authority on how to attract and retain more women in cybersecurity. Jane works as a speaker, trainer, influencer and board advisor, and is determined to make women in cybersecurity standard not exception.

As a philanthropist, Jane has enabled more than 419 women to receive her IN Security women’s scholarship, a value approaching USD 1,000,000. She is driven by her three children, an obsession to deliver outstanding quality and to make a positive difference in the world.


"I was lucky enough to do this class with Jane. Thanks to Jane I now have the insights and confidence to publish articles on LinkedIn. It feels awesome to get my voice out there and reap the rewards! Big thank you Jane! "

Louisa Vogelenzang
Identity Theft & Breach Notification @Kroll