The ONLY program for entrepreneurs and salespeople which takes you from feeling frustrated and under pressure because leads or sales aren't coming in ...to energized, proud and utterly oozing with confidence because they are!

Why I created this self-study, online program on client attraction...

I created Client Attraction 10X because so many entrepreneurs and salespeople reached out to me when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Those were traumatic days. Business owners were paralyzed, stuck and many were in tears because they thought their businesses were going to go under. Budgets had been frozen and projects had been delayed.Their sales pipeline had literally dried up overnight. I  felt deeply for them and I couldn't stand by and do nothing. I had to help.

Here's what I told them then and how I still see things now, given our current situation...

Despite the world still being in a tight spot, I believe entrepreneurs and salespeople have a massive opportunity if they take immediate action on certain things. You see, this is an URGENT time to skill up, serve in a much bigger way, and reap the benefits.

I believe EVERYONE needs to learn how to get in front of their clients and sell virtually right now. It's an absolute MUST as the whole world goes virtual. This is your opportunity to be the SIGNAL and not the noise. To pivot, get ahead and not miss out.

Everyone is online now and that means they're having to speak to others virtually on Teams/ Zoom/ Webex or other video conferencing platforms. Everyone is needing to use online tools to help them build trust and influence, too. They're having to make their money go further by creating content and messaging that gets attention and converts to a sale.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic we now have a brave NEW WORLD and we will never go back to how it was before.

Although the pandemic isn't a crisis anymore and businesses have adjusted, (kind of) I’ve always sold my way out of a tight spot. When the dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000s and caught my former global hacking consultancy out (practically overnight), I turned it around, sold my way out of business failure, and made it more profitable than it ever was. I know what to do, and can guide you through this.

I've spent over two decades leading, influencing and selling in tech, and for over 10-years I've been honing modern consultative sales and marketing methods. With experience and success, plus a deep desire to help more entrepreneurs and salespeople stay in business and in work during these unprecedented times (especially in tech), I invite you to the CLIENT ATTRACTION 10X Program and to learn with me.

With Client Attraction 10X you will learn...

  • The strategy that will get you a steady pipeline of leads, delivering value and engaged with your clients.

    You'll gain intense clarity on who you're serving, eliminate any confusion around the products or services you offer, and you'll exponentially increase your client engagement. No longer will you suffer from leads that dry up or have a slower than normal sales pipeline. With the Client Attraction 10X program, you'll become a valuable, sought after business partner that your ideal clients will want to work with and will recommend. You are invited to shine.

  • How to PIVOT and better position yourself so you're attracting more clients.

    With the Client Attraction 10X program you'll improve your innovation as well as your visibility, credibility, message and positioning. This will enable you to build more trust with your clients and to stand out in a noisy marketplace. By implementing the lessons in this program, you'll become the SIGNAL rather than the NOISE, and you'll be ready for the upturn when the COVID-19 crisis is over.

  • How to AUTOMATE your business development so you can leverage your time and concentrate on your core skills.

    Access route-to-market shortcuts and reduce any fears you may have regarding what to do or say online and offline. I'll give you step-by-step instructions and examples, so you'll be clear on exactly what to do, how to do it and in what order. By the end of the program, you'll no longer feel constantly overwhelmed, or be fumbling your way along trying to figure things out. Instead, you'll be buzzing with ideas and with a plan you'll know exactly how to get in front of your ideal clients, and be building firm relationships that convert into timely sales.

  • How to SELL using a modern consultative sales methodology from someone who's done this successfully, repeatedly and professionally during challenging times before.

    During my career I've not only become one of the top influencers in my market that major brands like Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, DocuSign, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Telstra, the BBC, and so on seek out, but I've sold millions of products and services, and during harsh times. So, during this program I'll be teaching you how to create a consistent lead generation plan so you can bring the right buyers into your business and make more sales. I'll be sharing ALL my top online, value-driven strategies and tactics plus giving you frameworks, scripts and templates that will save you loads of time. This is going to free you from cold calling and will be a lifeline when networking and meetings at events are no longer happening.The CLIENT ATTRACTION 10X Program is the playbook yo've been looking for.


So if you’re ready to TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT of your sales and marketing efforts, and finally say goodbye to no leads, dried up leads, few clients and loads of gruelling work ...and if you're ready to benefit from more leads, more clients, more time that comes from having automated processes, plus feel more empowered, confident, inspired, energized and happier, then...

...here's how I'll help you get there...

Module 1

AVATARS & PERSONAS: Gain better understanding of your ideal clients so you know exactly where to find them, and what their REAL problems and aspirations are

Module 1 begins with you getting clear on who your ideal clients are so your messaging will appeal directly to them. This exercise is HUGE and absolute GOLD, as more and more people are competing for attention online. Understanding your ideal clients and why they buy is absolutely foundational and the secret to building a consistent sales pipeline. By the end of this module you'll have:

  • Assessed how well you know your ideal clients so you'll understand where the gaps are and what more you need to do to serve them better.
  • Clarity on who your ideal clients are (in minute detail), exactly who you'll be positioning yourself to, and confidently excluding those who don't fit the criteria you set.
Module 2

MESSAGE: Create a message that connects with your ideal clients, positions your unique value and makes the competition irrelevant

Module 2 is all about your message. Building on the work you'll have done in Module 1, we'll work through a series of practical exercises, so you'll get clear on what to say in person, online, and in print. By the end of this module you'll have:

  • Clarity on your unique voice and value proposition.
  • Knowledge of exactly which words to use so you create a  message that will inspire your clients to take action.
  • An authentic message and value proposition which will appeal to your ideal clients and work in person, in print and online.
Module 3

WEBSITES: Learn how to design a website that actually works for you and encourages your ideal clients to take the next step in the buying cycle

Module 3 is where we’ll be designing or revising your website so it supports all of your sales and marketing activities. We’ll be looking at the psychology of buyers and exactly what needs to go onto the first page and why.

I’ll be giving you a framework for all of this so you can implement it strategically and efficiently yourself, or hand a wireframe to a designer or team member so they can build it. This will save you time and money. By the end of this module you’ll have a website that won't be confusing or repelling your ideal clients.

Module highlights include:

  • Understanding what information needs to go onto your website and where it all needs to go (most website designers don't even know!) so your website gets clients who are interested in your products or services to contact you.
  • Designing a cost-effective website wireframe that you can outsource to a team member or marketing agency.
Module 4

LEAD GENERATORS: Create opt-ins that provide value to your clients and attracts them to you like the moth to the lamp

Module 4 is where we take things up a gear. There, we’ll be looking at best practice for lead generation and setting the strategy. This will mean you’ll know exactly what to do, where to do it and how it all fits together with your sales plan. We’ll be looking at building products that will be useful to your ideal clients. This is where you'll be starting to get transactional and even if you're working for someone else and don't have a website, I'll give you ways to do this.

I’ll be giving you another framework, which will be clear, simple and quick to do.  Module highlights include:

  • Getting clear on what type of lead generator will attract your clients best and which ones play to your strengths as a creator.
  • Understanding where to place your lead generators for maximum client attraction and how they fit into your lead generation plan and TOTAL sales strategy.

Module 5

EMAIL: Learn how to nurture your ideal clients through email nurturing campaigns and then convert them to sales via email sales campaigns

Module 5 builds from the last module and this is where we'll look at how to create engaging and relevant email copy that will nurture the relationship you have with your ideal clients. We'll also look at email sales campaigns too so you can drive your prospective clients through to a sale when they are ready to buy.  Module highlights include:

  • Building engaging copy for email nurturing and email sales campaigns.
  • Using headline hacks and prompts that engage, convert, and drive email open rates.
  • Creating your email campaign strategies and schedules so you know exactly what you or someone else (if you're outsourcing this) knows what to do.
  • Frameworks and email scripts that you can copy and paste or that will stimulate fresh copy ideas.

Module 6

CONTENT AND BLOGGING: Learn how to create content, plus blogs and vlogs that showcase your expertise, engage your ideal clients and leave them hungy for more

In Module 6 we'll get you creating engaging and relevant content, like blogging, vlogging and podcasts as they drive action and can elevate your credibility and trustworthiness fast. You'll get the scoop on how I became a LinkedIn Top Voices out of 500 million people. Module highlights include:

  • Understanding which social media platforms to use for lead building.
  • A framework for writing valuable, engaging blogs (this one got me awarded a LinkedIn Top Voices out of 500 million other people).
  • Gaining access to headline hacks and prompts that engage, convert, and drive your ideal clients to your desired action.
  • Creating your blogging schedule so you know exactly what you need to do or someone else (if you're outsourcing this).
  • Using other forms of content for raising influence like video and podcasts.
  • Useful time-saving resouces plus automation and outsourcing.


Module 7

SOCIAL MEDIA: Learn how to network and build solid relationships with your ideal clients online

Module 7 is where we’ll be looking at networking and building relationships via social media. This is where you'll learn which platforms deliver the best ROI and where you'll be getting super clear on how to get the most out of platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

I’ll be giving you a framework for all of this so you can implement it strategically and professionally. This is also where you'll get to see how I use social media to attract clients as I'll be taking you behind the scenes of my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. By the end of this module there will be no more cold calls, emails or social media messages. From here, everything will be warm and your ideal clients will be highly receptive to hearing from you.

Module highlights include:

  • Choosing your social platforms and learning how to build a valuable network with LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Networking offline and building a huge database of ideal clients who are ready to buy from you.
  • How to make the content you create go further and produce 12-months worth of valuable content in days.
  • A behind the scenes tour of how I use social media througout my day, weeks and months. I'll be sharing all my time-saving techniques and client attraction secrets!

"Before working with Jane I had the mentality that sales was just a numbers game and I'd come in and do 50 phone calls a day, and then put them into an email cadence. But, I wasn't seeing the results. Within 3-months of working with Jane, I was able to become the TOP performing rep at my company. My biggest learning takeaway was really defining who your ideal client persona is, doing the research and becoming very targeted."

Jason Kabaker
Enterprise Sales, HackerOne

The CLIENT ATTRACTION 10X Program comes with a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I've put a great deal of thought into the CLIENT ATTRACTION 10X Program and my hope is that your career and business will be forever transformed with the skills that you acquire and develop on it. In order to reap the benefits, and see transformation, we do expect you to give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the coursework.

If you do the full coursework and feel that we have under delivered on our promise, submit your work within 30 days of purchase and we’ll promptly refund your program fee. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 30-day period, we will not issue you with a refund.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


  • Bonus 1 -  2 weeks email support from me for feedback, troubleshooting and clarity. This will enable you to confidently create your client attraction strategy and maximize opportunities that get you in front of clients who need you the most. (Value: £1,500 GBP)
  • Bonus 2 - A 1-hour coaching call with me. This is where you'll get to brainstorm or troubleshoot with me, and benefit from my creative thinking and coaching skills. This is a game-changer for your sales, promotions and business. (Value: £1,500 GBP)
  • Bonus 3 - “The BEST Digital RESOURCE Guide for Attracting Clients That Everyone Wishes They Could Get Their Hands On." In this bonus, you'll get the resources I use, have used,  plan on using or throughly recommend. Having these will save you hours of time, and it will mean you won't have to figure this out alone with a trial and error approach. (Value £810 GBP)
  • Bonus 4 - A LIVE event on June 21 (10AM - 5PM BST) where I'll run through the whole program and be there for questions and feedback. (Value: £2,200 GBP)

Total Value: £6,010 GBP

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £7,007 GBP.

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

More Flexible

X4 Monthly Payments of

£297 GBP



Best Value

X1 Payment of

£997 GBP



  1. You're just getting started as an entrepreneur or sales person and want to do it right.
  2. You're already struggling with generating leads and sales.
  3. You're responsible for selling but you don't know what to do or say in person, in print, or online and you want to fix this once and for all.
  4. You're willing to put in the work and want to hone your message so you can attract more clients and build a consistent sales pipeline.
  5. You’re already seeing some success with your sales and marketing strategy, but you know there’s more to it than what you’ve applied, and you want to learn more, so you can generate more sales and feel satisfied as your work is more impactful.
  6. You're fed up being a poor performer in sales and you're now ready to be the envy of your team by having tonnes of clients who seek you out and want to work with you.
  7. You want to instantly and dramatically increase your sales without being coming across as a pushy salesperson or being a slave to a multitude of online activities.

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, it's time for you to make a decision.

Are you going to keep things as they are now and in a year or two, things will likely be exactly the same for you. Or are you going to buy this online program now, learn from someone who's walked your path, successfully... and reap the benefits?

Pick your preferred payment method

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X4 Monthly Payments of

£297 GBP



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"If you're looking to build a modern, dynamic and resilient business plan for the ever changing digital landscape then this is how to. I've just finished (and can't recommend more highly) the Client Attraction 10X Program. My head is swimming with so many actionable insights and tips right now, I can't wait to break it down and start applying it to my business model ASAP."

David Stranack
Information Security Awareness & Culture Professional

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